Dhillon For Baltimore

The Baltimore Renaissance, the Largest Citywide Revitalization Plan in the Modern

History of Baltimore City

Baltimore, MD – The City of Baltimore has unrealized promise and potential.  It is a City rich in history, diverse neighborhoods, marquee attractions, exciting nightlife, and regional pride that make it one of America’s top Cities.  Sadly it is also a City riddled with crime, vacant and deteriorating homes, declining neighborhoods, poverty, unemployment and deficits. These issues exist side by side with the glitz and glamour of the Inner Harbor development, an area that is thriving in commerce and emerging growth that only benefit a small population of the City.  The City’s greatness can only be achieved by creating a massive Citywide renaissance, in which all neighborhoods and its citizens benefit.

The Baltimore Renaissance could not have been introduced at a better time. This project looks to pull Baltimore out of the dark ages and bring new light to the City and its Citizens. The facts are mind blowing. Currently, 78,000 people are jobless, 24% of the City is living below the poverty line, and there are roughly 3,000 people who sleep on the streets every night just to highlight a few facts. The unemployment rate as reported by labor agencies is at a dismal 7.4%, though many speculate the real unemployment number is closer to18%. Sadly, the year of 2016 finished with the second most homicides in the history of the City (310) to go along with a murder rate of 50 killings per 100,000 residents. With a population of roughly 620,000 residents, this notoriously makes Baltimore not just one of the most dangerous cities in the country, but in the entire world.

The Baltimore Renaissance is a history making initiative that will, for the first time in the modern history of Baltimore, create a historic, comprehensive, collaborative, community consensus based Citywide Revitalization plan. The project will identify, plan, and craft plans for the revitalization of a minimum of 70 Renaissance Sites throughout the entire City, with a minimum of 5 sites in every City Council District that all work as economic feeder system between each other.  The plan creates a spring board that will catapult Baltimore City into a “Revitalization Spring” and produce historical record setting outcomes that will be felt in the City for many generations to come.  The plan, along with its comprehensive, engaging community collaboration, its carefully crafted site and developmental financial plans, and assistance with the selection of development plans and their execution, will transform Baltimore into a national and international turnaround story of monumental historic proportions.

The Baltimore Renaissance brings parity to the disparity that Baltimore has faced for decades. This is due to the overwhelming majority of its citizens not experiencing the benefits of revitalization that select other areas of the City, such as the Inner Harbor, have experienced.  It not only represents the largest most diverse and widespread revitalization in the City, but also represents the largest revitalization initiative in the City from an economic standpoint. The projects undertaken in the initiative are projected to create an estimated $7 to $10 billion of economic development.  At no time in the modern history of Baltimore has any plan been pursued to revamp the entire City as a whole.

The great mind behind the Baltimore Renaissance is that of Kahan S. Dhillon Jr. (www.KahanDhillon.com), Managing Partner of Regent Company, LLC a Diversified Real Estate Investment Firm based in Alexandria, Virginia.  Mr. Dhillon was a member of the Fairfax County appointed Tysons Task Force that planned the urban design, land use, and transportation of Tysons Corner, Virginia the Mahattan of DC Metro/Greater Baltimore regions. The successful outcome of the plan Mr. Dhillon worked on in Tysons Corner is currently in the process of creating tens of millions of new sq. ft. of urban development and billions in new economic activity and is now transforming the 12th largest Commercial Center in the US into what will soon be one of the top 5 largest Commercial Center in the US which between itself and the surrounding areas in Fairfax County is now home to 8 Fortune 500 companies.

In the aftermath of the consent decree from the Department of Justice, Governor Hogan’s proposed substantial Baltimore based budget cuts. The systemic, pervasive and seemingly endless issues and needs of Charm City the Baltimore Renaissance is arguably the most direct path to turn the City around by transforming dead and desolate properties throughout the City into productive and economically producing Community assets.  The millions of dollars in new tax revenues generated can be invested into education as well as provide future resources for local law enforcement in combating the City’s high crime rate and addressing numerous other deficits the City faces including jobs.

The comprehensive Citywide stakeholder outreach for the Baltimore Renaissance was one of the most significant in the modern history of the City. The outreach to date has included meetings with over 275 stakeholders throughout Baltimore City that took place over the last 10 months. The Baltimore Renaissance Team has realized firsthand how vital the actions of today are on the future of the City, as the City is truly at the crossroads between launching upward or continuing on the same path to the present or worse.

Simply put, The Baltimore Renaissance creates more for Baltimore and its citizens. The time is now for Baltimore to drive forward to truly become what it’s benches deem it “America’s Greatest City”.  The Baltimore Renaissance brings the City, it’s Citizens, and Corporations that call it home together, in moving forward together as the main slogan of The Baltimore Renaissance states “Baltimore built by Baltimore for Baltimore”.

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