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The Baltimore Renaissance (TBR) Set to Launch TV Commercial

The Baltimore Renaissance (TBR) Set to Launch TV Commercial For
“The Baltimore Renaissance (TBR) Revitalization Plan”
The Largest Most Historic Revitalization Plan In The Modern History Of Baltimore City

Baltimore, MD –
 The Baltimore Renaissance (TBR) is a local community impact organization committed to bringing parity to the disparity throughout Baltimore City. The organization focuses on issues relating to economic impact, revitalization, affordable/workforce housing, education, environmental, non-profits, public policy, public safety, transportation, and much more.

Today, the organization is set to launch its inaugural video which will inform the community about the The Baltimore Renaissance (TBR) and its historic revitalization plan. The architect behind TBR is Kahan S. Dhillon Jr. the President of the TBR and Managing Partner of Regent Company, LLC a diversified real estate investment firm based in Alexandria, Virginia.

The Baltimore Renaissance Revitalization Plan is a history making initiative that will, for the first time in the modern history of Baltimore, create a monumental, community consensus based citywide revitalization plan. The project will identify and create plans for the revitalization of a minimum of 70 prospective Baltimore Renaissance sites throughout the entire city with a minimum of 5 sites per District.  The plan, along with its comprehensive, engaging community collaboration, will transform Baltimore into a national and international turnaround story of historic proportions.  The projects undertaken in the initiative are expected to generate an estimated $10 billion of economic development making it the largest project underway in Baltimore City currently.

The Historic undertaking of The Baltimore Renaissance (TBR) Revitalization plan partnered with its historic comprehensive grassroots citywide stakeholder outreach and efforts to give back to the Community has created a  interest in the Organization and its Plans. The outreach to date has included meetings with over 387 key diverse stakeholders throughout Baltimore City over the last 11 months. The Baltimore Renaissance was recently featured in an article in the Baltimore Business Journal.

The Baltimore Renaissance brings the city, its citizens, and corporations that call it home together, as moves all parties together toward The Baltimore Renaissance’s slogan of “Baltimore Built By Baltimore for Baltimore”.


For more information contact TBR or for media inquiries contact: Vincent E. Sharps at (410) 929-7538

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