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Baltimore City has suffered too long and in too many ways by failed promises to the great people of Charm City. In Baltimore City there needs to be less talk and more walk. Baltimore City deserves a Mayor with a successful diverse track record unlike any other that the citizens have ever had the opportunity to elect. A true Outsider who cannot be bought or persuaded by the interests that have taken from the City for decades. Baltimore City deserves a Mayor that will stand up to all with one simple message “It is either in the interest of the people or it’s not. And if it isn’t in the interest of the people it’s dead on arrival”. The time has arrived and now the City has a historic candidate from the outside who can ensure the City serves the interest of the many not just the few.

This site is dedicated to MORE4BMORE, you won’t find an endless number of paragraphs making an endless number of broad vague statements from an elected leader that has ultimately failed the City. Or a leader that has embarrassed the City. Or a leader that hasn’t in a quantifiable substantial way delivered for the City. Rather you will find an overview of what I have produced for the City and some further Action Items I want to deliver as your 52nd Mayor of what should be the greatest City in America. I ask you review the below in detail and compare it for yourself to what other candidates have produced for the great people of the City in the same time frame. I am confident you will find that no one since the last Mayoral election in 2016 has produced or offered to produce as much personally than I. I have always believed that no one should run for public office until they have first produced substantially for the people they seek to represent.

Public Safety

Public Safety is priority number #1. Currently, the City is in a crisis and an all out war with Crime in the City. And sadly the Crime and Criminals are winning. I have worked closely at both a local and state level with communities, public safety officials, and businesses to improve the state of public safety. Most recently in my hometown of Fairfax County, which has on numerous occasions earned the title as the safest jurisdiction of its size in the Nation. Under a Dhillon Administration, Crime will be eradicated at levels unseen in the City’s modern history. To accomplish this outcome please watch this video that outlines just a few of the approaches.


Statistics have consistently proven that one of the greatest investments any form of government can make is in the education of its people. While Baltimore is in the top 3 in the Nation when it comes to per pupil spending it is among the bottom of many list for educational achievement. This must change. Being an Award Winning architect of a Blue Ribbon Award Winning At Risk Youth Turnaround Program in one of the largest school systems in the Nation, I have firsthand experience on what it takes to achieve educational success. In this video, you will learn a few of the approaches that require immediate implementation to ensure that the City’s Youth which are the City’s greatest asset reach their potential and beyond.

Economic Development

I have planned and/or developed billions of dollars worth of real estate. No Candidate has my level of experience when it comes to economic development. From multi-lot developments to, re-planning one of the largest Downtowns in our Nations modern history, to creating the Baltimore Renaissance Revitalization Project, the largest revitalization project in the history of Charm City. I have done it all. And through it all learned firsthand there is nothing more important in the planning and execution of economic development of any size than that which includes community. True economic development only occurs when the intersection between community and business is met. Watch the video below to hear some pursuits I see as immediate pursuits for Charm City.


Preserving and protecting our natural resources is critical to the future prosperity of the City. Currently, the City falters in the area of the highest levels of environmental stewardship. In fact, the City is currently under a Federal Decree mandating it upgrade and improve its public sewer system and its runoff. A Dhillon Administration will meet the Federal decree while at the same time not completely bankrupting the City. We need to pursue immediate improvements to the City’s public facilities while at the same time doing so in a way that ensures the mistakes of the past will not be the outcomes of the future. This video outlines an example of where we as a City should be and some critical pursuits we must ensure become a reality.

Health and Human Services

Baltimore City is in the middle of a public health epidemic. Not just from COVID-19 but from a lack of preventive resources available to its citizens for decades. This lack of resources has allowed drug use, obesity, unemployment and other diseases to ravage the City’s residents. Having served on the Quality Control Board of a top major US Hospital System I can tell you under no circumstances can this Crisis which is one of many in the City be afforded the opportunity to continue to exist. It is crippling the City, its economy, and its future prospects for prosperity. Ultimately, it only exacerbates and elaborates the health crisis that has taken over Baltimore City, the City I have come to know and love. We must take proactive approaches to lookout for the health and welfare for our citizens. In this video I discuss a few of the approaches that are immediately necessary.

Public Transportation

When it comes to Transportation the City must take a “back to basics” approach.  The public streets are a disgrace to the City and danger to the vehicles that traverse them.  We must look at repairing the current Transportation network and pursue a new fresh approach toward the Red Line which I would refer to as “Smart Red Line”.  This Smart Red Line approach will connect the existing plans for the Red Line to the Hyper loop being moved forward that will connect Baltimore City residents to the entire DC Metro area.  When we talk about Transportation in Baltimore City we must take a much greater 21st century multi-modal approach.  We must also expand our Transportation Partnerships across the City to provide never seen levels of access to those that are the most needy among us.  I am the only candidate in the race that has the unique experience of planning billions in Development and Transportation improvements leading to creation of a new modern downtown where there once wasn’t one.  In this video I will address just a few of the Transportation approaches we must address and move forward.


When it comes to turning the page and writing a new chapter in the legacy of Charm City nowhere is as important as ushering in a new level of Ethics. To date the City has suffered from one national embarrassment after another when it comes to Ethics. Under a Dhillon Administration, approaches will be taken that set a new standard not just for the City but City’s around the Nation.  Baltimore City won’t be a follower of others when it comes to Ethics, it will be a leader.  This is yet another reason a true Outsider is imperative to have as Mayor as only an Outsider will set aside the standard operating procedures of Insiders who have run the City into the ground.  The current ways and means will be dismantled to restore the City’s pride and honor in the hearts and minds of us all.  In this video some of those initial pursuits are touched upon.


When it comes to taxation like so much else in Baltimore City we must be thy brother’s keeper. (All down) The Mayor of Baltimore City has the responsibility of being the guardian and protector of the people. Ensuring fair and just tax policies and making sound strategic investments throughout the City is long overdue and will no longer be overlooked.  A few of the imperatives I will pursue as Mayor relative to taxation can be found in this video.

Affordable Housing

One of the most neglected and long overdue issues that has yet to be properly adequately addressed in the City is Affordable Housing. In a jurisdiction where housing prices are already so depressed it is NO wonder how the City hasn’t been able to provide affordable, safe, and reliable housing to its citizens. However, when you think about how the great people of the City have been left behind generation after generation it is actually much less of a wonder. This issue is one that has lingered due to racial injustices for decades in the City. Under a Dhillon Administration, the many will have the opportunity to flourish not just the few. Therein my plans for addressing Affordable Housing some of which you will learn about in this video will be definitively the most widespread generational equality and equality building approaches ever pursued in the modern history of our Nation.